Diagnosis & Management of Acute and Chronic Illness

 Proper diagnosis is often challenging, because many signs and symptoms are nonspecific. At Community Medical Center, we specialize in accurate diagnosis of your medical problems as well as pain management of acute and chronic illnesses through onsite Lab and X-ray. We use the latest equipment to perform accurate, in house testing as well as maintain up-to-date information on the most current analysis of the test results.​​ 

 No need to go to another location for routine diagnostic tests.  Our in-house services Include:

  • Digital X-ray: Images are available immediately for review.
  • Ultrasound: Can help identify kidney stones, gallbladder disease, blockages in arteries, blood clots, among other conditions.
  • Lab work: Most of the lab work is completed onsite.
  • Bone Density Scan: Used to screen for osteoporosis.
  • EKG: Used to check for heart conditions.
  • Spirometry: Used to access lung functions, such as Asthma.